ARK Testimonials

"The ARK has helped me not only with schoolwork but
with life. Before I stepped into that place I used to let everything
pass me by but the ARK helped me to see things clearer in my
future even when I thought I didn't have one. My Tutor, Mrs. Rafter, helped me a lot in my schoolwork, especially in Math
(my worst subject) and she made me better every time I met with
her. Because of the ARK I Graduated High School Class of 2014 and
on my way to start my journey in College. The ARK has helped me
with so many things and I will use that the ARK gave me to benefit
my future."~ 2014 ARK Student

"I am more than happy to attend The ARK for Tutoring. They
have helped me in many different ways. Once I graduate, I will come back to help tutor other students." ~ 2013 Ark Student

"Since attending The ARK, I have seen a dramatic change in my daughter's work ethic. I believe the hands on tutoring she receives
has helped build her self-esteem an self-confidence. She has
improved her academic performance. I will keep her in The ARK program until she graduates."~ ARK Parent on behalf of her high school student who entered the program as s freshman
(2013 - Present)

"The ARK gave our child the push he needed to make good decisions
to help him succeed in school as well as the community. This will help him in his future endeavors. We are truly thankful to The ARK Program." ~ 2014 ARK Parent

"I have 4 grandchildren in my home. The ARK was there to help me. They tutor my children and help me with their schoolwork. Mrs. Sessoms and staff are very nice people and are very concerned
about our children. They just don't tutor. They are there to help
out in anything or problem we or others may have. They listen to
our children and help us to solve problems with our children.
The ARK is a Great Place for parents, children and our teachers to
help our children learn and grow to success." ~ 2014 ARK Parent